How it all started

Hey everyone,

I can already hear you thinking, "How did you decide to start an online store?" To be honest, we hadn't thought about this at all in the beginning. It all started for us because my dear mother-in-law made clothes for my son. He's basically our muse to everything. Of course we were proud of what she had made for him and often showed it to people, to which we always received very positive reactions. People even asked her if we wanted to sell such clothing too, because they thought it was so beautiful.

After thinking about it for a long time and putting our heads together, my mother-in-law and I came up with the idea of ​​creating our own webshop.

We make our clothing and accessories with a lot of love and passion, which we would like to share with other people.

What is extremely important to us is that we want to make unique clothing. This means that we only make a few pieces per selected fabric. This way you can be sure that they are fairly unique. That's what our whole concept revolves around.

Our fabrics are also carefully selected, which certainly meet certain standards that are kind to the climate and our planet. They consist only of Cotton Tricot that also feels very soft and comfortable for your child's delicate skin. The accessories are also only made from cotton wool or materials that are only organic.

We would also like to specialize in a collection for the little ones among us. My own son was a little superhero himself (premature) and I know from my own experience how difficult it was to be able to buy comfortable and comfortable clothes (in other words, ones that provide good comfort to deal with all the attached tubes), so that he can feel comfortable. what felt comfortable during that period. That is why we have decided to create a small collection for these little superheroes, so that parents do not have to search endlessly for pleasant clothes for their baby.

To be honest, this is a dream for both of us that we have been able to realize by realizing this webshop. And we hope that this will be a great success that we can possibly expand in the future.

With much love,

Bianca and Nancy